How does Doggyfresh Air work?

Doggyfresh Air delivers cool air from your car's air conditioning or ventilation system to your dog via a hose. The dog air conditioner works for the back seat and the rear. Doggyfresh Air attaches to dog racing rails, dog crates and headrests. .

Do I need a working air conditioner to use Doggyfresh Air?

Yes, Doggyfresh Air bundles the cool airflow from the air conditioner and delivers it directly to your dog via a hose. The product does not cool the air on its own.

Does Doggyfresh Air also work when the engine is switched off?

No, Doggyfresh Air ensures that the cool air from the air conditioner goes straight to your dog.

How long is the Doggyfresh Air hose?

The hose has a maximum length of 250 centimetres. When folded, the length is reduced to 18 centimetres. When you are not using your Doggyfresh Air, you can store it in the glove compartment.

The hose is too long for my car - what can I do?

We have received a helpful tip from the community. All you need is a rubber band of sufficient length. It should easily reach from the ventilation outlet of your air conditioner to the place where you want to attach the Doggyfresh Air. Feed the rubber band through the Doggyfresh Air and tie it to the two button axles. Mount the two docking parts as usual - the hose should now always have the optimum length.

How do I use/fix Doggyfresh Air?

The Doggyfresh Air has a docking part with clips at both ends of the hose. Attach one end to the vents of your air conditioner and the other end near your dog. You can attach the docking part to the dog guard, the dog crate or the headrest.

Will Doggyfresh Air fit on the air vents in my car?

The docking parts with the clips can be attached to both square and round ventilation slots. For round vents, where the fan blades protrude in a semicircular shape when open, there is a docking adapter in the accessories.

Can two Doggyfresh Air be coupled so that the hose reaches into the rear of my motorhome?

Yes, Doggyfresh Air can be coupled. This makes the hose long enough for motorhomes that have dog boxes in the rear. This way you can supply your dog with pleasantly cool air via the air conditioning in the driver's cabin while driving.

Can I also use Doggyfresh Air to keep warm on cold days?

Yes, Doggyfresh Air delivers the air from your air conditioner directly to your dog. So you can use the temperature control to adjust how warm or cold you want the air to be. If you want to know exactly how the temperature is developing, you can use the Smart Sensor.

Why do I need the Smart Sensor?

The Smart Sensor is a portable temperature monitoring device. You can place it near your dog in the car and receive the measurement results on your mobile phone.

How does the Smart Sensor work?

Download the app to your mobile phone and connect the sensor to the mobile phone. The data is transmitted via Bluetooth. The range between sensor and mobile phone is approx. 35-40 metres. Detailed instructions are included.

I need spare parts. What can I do?

You can buy the soft retaining pads and docking rings as spare parts in all colours. The retaining clips are available as spare parts.


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